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Apr. 7., 2008 07:03 pm school

Ho hum,
I am in my photo retouching class. Boooooring. This is our second class learning to use calibration tools, which I can't afford, to color correct our monitors. I thought that the JPL person was coming today. Actually I thought that person was coming last week. We supposedly are going to be retouching images from the Mars rover when that person shows up. I am very excited about that but not about this especially seeing as this is the second day of it.

It is Jim McKay's bday today. We had cake then we went to the toy district to look at all the shiny toys made in China. We went Grand Central Market and the Bradley building then had tacos from a cart. We both bought new sunglasses. Mine are red and look really cool. Then we headed to Glendale to the hospital thrift store. We found some good Herb Alpert albums and some other random stuff. It was a fun day.

Still looking for work.

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